Vers 1.5R iPod Alarm Clock Sound System – Bamboo

12 02 2009

vers-15r-sound-system-bambooYou asked for it, they built it – the ideal compact AM/FM sound system for iPod with the rich, natural full-range sound you heard in the 2X. The extended 18-function remote allows you to master your iPod’s menu and playlist navigation functions as well as standard audio functions and stored favorite station selection from up to 25 feet away. The 1.5R was designed to be a ‘hybrid’; great as a bedside alarm system, even better in the kitchen, den or office – anywhere great sound belongs.

available here


Ofidio Dining Chair by Facundo Poj

12 02 2009

fp_060209_011Facundo Poj is a Miami based designer born in Argentina in 1971. He was trained as a master builder back in his native Buenos Aires and moved to Boston in the early 1990’s where he graduated from Architecture school and also received a Masters Degree in Urban Affairs and Environmental Problems.
Poj is a handcrafter of furniture and objects, a designer of happenings and events, and a creator of unique spatial atmospheres. His use of materials is definitely on the unconventional side of the spectrum. Poj spends much of his time looking for treasures in junk yards. He searches for objects with a soul and a lasting quality to them. Mr. Poj ponders on the subject of memory and historic value. Historic value not at the superficial level of style and form, but at a deeper level, he values the biography of objects and materials.
Poj also invests much energy researching new ways of using materials of great qualities which are not that far into the unconventional, but which have not fallen yet into the hands of large scale mainstream manufacturing; materials like salvaged cardboard or engineered bamboo. All his furniture pieces are designed through high technology, handcrafted, and built for life.
Mr. Poj’s design services and exclusive handcrafted pieces have been sought not only by private clients and collectors, but also by important corporate clients such as Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton USA, Veuve Clicquot, Ecoist, Dom Perignon, Citrine by the Stones, Simmons of Argentina and others.

fp_060209_02fp_060209_03Visit Facundo Poj’s website –HERE


8 02 2009

Futaba by Akemi Tanaka is designed be used as a coffee table. When guests come over and additional seating is required, this piece converts from table into a love seat. In addition to it’s great functionality, it is also made from environmentally friendly material keeping it low impact.

Akemi Tanaka

Pet Lounge Studios

8 02 2009

“The ultra light BAMBU LOUNGER contains the relaxed elements of the tropics while being strongly inspired by the simplicity and elegance of Scandinavian design. The LOUNGER is handmade out of solid bamboo and has a unique mattress support system, which in addition to the memory-foam filled mattress, gives your pet a soft relaxed place to lounge.”petbowl
The beautiful lines of the BAMBU DINER make it the perfect companion for the BAMBU LOUNGER. The DINER is handmade with rich solid bamboo, a water resistant finish, and the highest quality stainless steel bowls which hold up to 1.6 cups of food or water that will surely quench your pet’s appetite.”
Pet Lounge Studios

Brave Space Design

8 02 2009

“Brave Space is a group of Brooklyn-based designers concentrating on bringing modular, multi-functional objects into the home and office setting. Dedicated to providing quality, high-end furniture, the designers at Brave Space draw from a common set of influences reflecting a style that is playful and modern. Our hands-on approach to the design and construction of each piece has greatly influenced our material choices and has led us towards the use of materials that are both durable and environmentally sustainable.”gall_hollow_din_set1gall_hollow_din_chair1gall_bam_stag4gall_tetrad_bamboo4
Brave Space Design

Concrete and Bamboo End Table by Obleeek Designs

15 01 2009


Designed by Leo Estevez and individually poured, the planters are made with a custom blend of volcanic ash and powder fine quality portland cement that is 40% lighter than standard concrete.
Their secret process produces a silky smooth finish that is polished and then coated with a concrete conditioner and UV-protectant that aids resistance to frost and mold. What really struck me  was the use of Neopolotan Plywood!


Beautiful Bamboo Chair by Lara de Greef

11 01 2009

Lara de Greef is designer of applied utensils. She works with a great sense for aesthetics and shapes, in techniques she further developed after here graduation at the well known Eindhoven Design Academy. Designs were made with many different materials, but for certain there is a   clear preference for natural materials. Moreover she has the personal quality to exploit opportunities offered by her environment, in as well an artistic as business way.

Her company, Studio Lara de Greef, is very active and an abundance of designs has been launched, ranging from glasswork, ceramic vases to bamboo furniture. Presentations of her work took place at various national and international podia (Amsterdam, London, Milan, Budapest, …..).

Lara de Greef